The series “Watching, contemplating, meditating” by photographer Joffrey Persia echoes a contemporary need that is often pressing: that of breaking out of time to refocus oneself and live symbiosis with the environment. At 26, he is now completely devoted to his art. An activity almost “introspective” for him, “but also discovery of the other by adventure, the human and the sharing of experiences” he says. In this series, Joffrey puts forward beauty by the simplicity of certain landscapes or scenes of life. 

For him: « There is really a close link between elegance, simplicity and symmetry. That’s what makes me feel that a scene is beautiful ». The trip is a great source of inspiration for Joffrey : “I need to move, and change the environment to feel the urge to take pictures. They are the testimony of my wonder. In this series, there is also a symbiosis between effort and relaxation »