« I believe that creative work is an extremely important part of human life, so it should be treated with care and intelligence », says Dzimitryi Kashtalyan. The Belarusian artist and designer that started with classic graffiti sharpen his tools and creates highly detailed dotwork and pointillism style pieces of art, mostly made by combining hand and computer drawing. « All my pictures are a reflection of my inner world, my emotions, my life position and principles. I draw only what I sincerely believe in and find worth doing, even if it is not popular or not that common to say ».

« Art has a strong influence on people, and the way it is depends on the authors and on those people who promote the objects of art to the public. Before creating a new work, I carefully think through the idea, the message and the artistic means by which I will get my point across. In my art, I always bring up some issues relevant both for modern society and for an individual ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @dkashtalyan.