Yves Pedneault is a talented draftsman. Self-taught, he is passionate about faces and expressions. « I try to capture the soul, the light, the emotion of my subjects through the black and white portrait », he says. More than art, drawing is for him a tool of knowledge that allows him the study of the human being. As mediums, Yves Pedneault uses graphite, charcoal, and papers of white, beige and gray tones. « Most of my models are taken from pictures. A bit like a mirror, they reflect what we have deep inside us », he adds.

The drawn portrait […] gives me the opportunity to make the most of the feelings and thoughts that the faces express, all in the respect of the other. The universality of human emotions and attitudes is part of my research and is the focus of a job that requires a lot of precision. Both in terms of line and shapes and textures », he finishes.