Bold colors and appealing patterns dominate the work of Irina Kruglova, a Moscow-based graphic designer-turned-illustrator. Inspired by pop culture, nature and objects, she creates vector illustrations using simple shapes and lines that are in sync with her retro-minimalist aesthetic. She owes a lot of her art to her curious and observant nature. “I love to peer at things around me,” she says. “Some may think I’m a weirdo or a creep when I can’t take my eyes off a person or object. But in fact I’m not; it’s just the way I observe the world around me.”

Her latest series is a collection of colorful portrait illustrations created for P&G’s recent web campaign titled Hair Code — yet another name to add to her already impressive client list which includes Soho House London, Qatar Airways, Wired Magazine, Smithsonian, ManRepeller, Adidas, Facebook and more. Visit her website and keep tabs on her latest work via Instagram.