In his latest series «Lost Angels», French photographer and videographer Cédric Ih brings us once again to the heart of his nocturnal walks, this time in Los Angeles, where he has been living for a few months now.

In these chimerical and minimalist portraits, we find his cinematographic signature and his taste for the ambiguity of emotions again. Between creative hope and dark thoughts, the artist offers us to discover several protagonists with deep, indecipherable glances.

The exercise of photography is for him a genuine release. «I’ve realized recently that Photography was a real way to express the darkness inside me […], he says. I sincerely think that all we do is to tame this loneliness, keep it away for a moment, but it always comes back. I went to Los Angeles hoping to leave it behind, but it’s coming back, and this series is the witness. During my shoots here, and because I’m in the city of cinema, I had some models posing; they wanted to perform and show they knew how to play… But every time I put them deliberately uncomfortable, talking to them about sad things, about my depressed life. I could feel in them the fear sometimes of being with a “weirdo” and I did not let them go until I had my shot, a brief moment of honesty.»