Marcel Thomas is a photographer. If he has always been fascinated by photography, he officially started in 2011. At that time, he didn’t think he could be a professional. But his success and his style, his humanity that comes out of his pictures have led him on this path. « I have learned all this on my own. I discover my own style, larked to capture special little moments, how to use different kinds of equipment and how to apprehend the most technical parts of photography […] I want to continue to learn, evolve and share my work », says he. 

Canadian and Cree, he uses his work to share with the public the « beauty of the moment and of life, that people don’t have the opportunity to witness because they are too preoccupied ». Part of his productions concern photographs taken during pow wows or moments in his cultural life. « When I take my camera to pow wows, I try to capture everything I can from the intricate designs, the colorful beadwork that was created for each dancer etc. », he precise, before adding that for him, his art is a way to convey a different vision of his culture, the one he lives every day and which is based on pride, love, and respect.