Lola Gil is one of those artists for whom art is essential to her very existence. She lets her subconscious guide her to stories, which she retransmits in her works. Without making preliminary sketches, she creates directly and lets the moment transport it, a process that the artist lives as an adventure. « Ideas will come from personal experience, as well as flash images I’ve seen over time. For instance, a movie scene can spin me in a thousand directions. Or music can create emotions that lead to visual pairing. », she adds. A universe with pleasant nostalgic flavors that helps the viewer to project oneself. 

« Since I was little I’ve been a daydreamer, so surrealism has always been my favorite thing to play around with », she concludes. A great place is given to the dreamlike universe in her works, both in the free interpretation she offers to the viewers and as a personal journey to unlock the inner images she may not be aware of but exists, however.