“Refuge” is a large-scale panoramic image created with images of mountains, forests and animals that Nick Pedersen, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, captured at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado: « Much of this involved getting to very remote locations, setting up a camera and a tripod, and waiting for the storms to pass. », says he. Through this specific series, his main goal of creating elaborate photorealistic images that convey a message of conservation and sustainability is once more achieved. We are then offered the opportunity to contemplate an idealized natural scene. « This piece is by far the largest digital image I have ever created, with a size of 30,000 pixels wide », he adds. 

Nick Pedersen has always been interested in photography. It is by learning how to use digital tools for photo editing that the revelation has been made in the photographer: an infinite creation that is only limited by his own imagination. The result is an incredible work that allows us to discover the world in a new light, the one perceived, imagined and shaped by the photographer. Here, for « Refuge », more than a hundred photographs have been meticulously pieced together thanks to a complex process of digital imaging in Adobe Photoshop for a dreamlike realism and a very high quality result.