T.S Abe is a London born illustrator that started to draw at a very young age. « I doodled over my limbs obsessively as a child and moved into a portraiture both surreal and classical aged 11 or 12. Then I started animated portraiture in my mid twenties », she says. With the simplicity of a black pencil, the artists offers in this series called « Louvres studies », singular moving drawings of famous pieces of art exposed in the even more famous French Museum.

« I was in Paris for my birthday for a short trip and went to the Louvres. Having only a camera phone to hand it felt organic to shoot multiple angles of the encased objects with a view to some playful animated studies », she adds. Inspired by the opening credits of Guadagnino’s ‘Call me by your name’ loomed large, T.S Abe also « leapt at the chance to sketch Marcus Aurelius having devoured his ‘Meditations’ this summer ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @ts_abe.