« I’ve always been fascinated by the courage of exporers. By their desire to discover, to face the unknown and to risk their lives », reveals Thomas Dubois. This architect from South of France made this unique story-telling project called « Dark Waters », alongside his brother, who wrote the story and his companion, who crated the visual identity. « The main idea was to develop a strong cinematic atmosphère with a coherent narrative orientation. The project is inspired by movies like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook or Lost », he adds. Produced in only a month and a half, on their free time, this original creation was made using 3D (Cinema 4D) and Photoshop. From the colors to the frames and the narrative, dive into a singular universe and a captivating atmosphere.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @thomas_dubois_art, and the whole story of Dark Waters on his Behance page : Thomas Dubois.