The Belgian photographer and professional dancer Shed Mojahid challenged himself 6 months ago, to meet the Douhka, a nomadic people of northern Mongolia in the Taiga « Tsaatan ». In search of the « reindeer herding people » with his friends, Shed flew from Brussels to Beijing. After China, he chose to travel with the Mongol locals to « get to know them », directly in the field. « Using this route means getting into the right thing from the start », he says. Upon his arrival at the Douhka, he set up a studio in his Tipi, in a complete privacy, « to establish a relationship of trust and sharing without too much artifice ».

But for these people living with the seasons cycle, it wasn’t easy to accept to be the main subject of the pictures. « I waited 7 or even 8 hours in the tipi before a nomad came inside and sometimes refuses ». A real « intense adventure », as he says, with which he offers a series of unique portraits with various emotions and a documentary film. An apportunity for the artist to question the future of this nomadic people. « On the clear skyline of the steppes, there is hope that this culture will continue despite the attraction of younger generation for modernity », he concludes.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @shedmojahid.