Coste & Billy is a feminine and explosive duo of two singular artists, that began with a lucky encounter. The first, Coste, is from Bordeaux, France, and has been living from photography since her teenage years. The second, Billy, is a Parisian that studied graphic design and worked in artistic direction. But it’s on the benches of they motion design school in Paris, that these two woven an « artistic and frienship bond ». Both engaged into the wrong studies (they wanted to do video editing), Coste & Billy left school three years ago and started their own photo shooting activity. And quickly imposed their universe. From the makeup to the sets, these two realize everything by themselves.

« We analyze the profile of the subjects we’re going to shoot on Instagram. We pay attention to the colors, the atmosphere of the profile, but we mostly care about their personnalities. We love to take inspiration from drawings, paintings, architecture, videos and photos, sometimes it also comes from our daily lives. On the day of the shooting, we take time to discuss over a tea, to reassure them, to analyze their faces and bodies to maximize the rendering », they say. A perfect blend of two distinct but perfectly complementary universes. « Coste’s one, brutal and sensual, and Billy’s one, fantastic and delicate », they conclude.