Alexis Christodoulou started 3D rendering as a hobby. This professionnal copywriter living in Cape Town, South Africa, has spent the last 6 years making his own collection of imaginary architectural pieces. Fascinated by digital worlds and 3D graphics from his childhood playing video games, Alexis become frustrated with the lack of modern aesthetics represented therein.

« His images are a simple extension of his desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echo a more modern anclean aesthetic ». Mostly inspired by buildings in Cape Town and by modern architecture, his process usually begins with a sketch of space extending out in front.

« My inspiration comes from many sources but I always try to create a space that will interest the viewer in form and material but most importantly in the use of light ». The scenes, devoid of human life « prefers the viewer to imagine how they would exist in the space, sometimes leaving a small clue as to a past presence but never leading you down any specific narrative ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @teaaalexis.