Composition and color. These are the two most important aspects of Collin Pollard‘s work. This San Francisco Bay area based photographer discovered his passion in photography towards the end of his undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California. « I stumbled upon the New Topographics photographers and wanted to add my own viewpoint to the work. With all the gentrification that was happening in South Central Los Angeles at the time, I felt like it was crucial to document the urban landscapes as it was changing everyday », he says. Taking his inspiration through painting and sculpture from his favorite artists Rene Magritte, David Hockney and Michael Craig-Martin, Collin considers his work to be in direct conversation with minimalist painting and geometric abstract sculpture.

Taken all over the world, from San Francisco to San Jose, Miami to Poland and Paris, the artist offers a new vision of the cities he visited throught his travels times. « When I started out on my artistic career, I was too intimidated to photograph people. Architecture was always there and the light in California is beautiful year round so it was a natural subject matter. As time goes on, I realized that whether or not, we, as individuals, acknowledge it or not, we all have a very intimate relationship to architecture. It dictates how to live our lives on the most fundamental level », he adds.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @collpoll19.