Florent Hauchard is a French illustrator passionate about comics and cartoons. From the classic Bebop cowboy or One Punch Man style animation to the Mutafukaz comic-book, this artist who has started to draw from a very young age is not lacking in inspiration. « When I was in elementary school, I remember drewing a lot. Especially the characters from the Joe Bar Team comics, which I still adore. All of these has been a huge source of inspiration and wonder for me », he says. With his sketches and graphic design skills, Florent offers a work of great precision. From the colors to the movements, he makes various illusrations mainly on order. « It allows me to have a framework and to open myself to many things. Thanks to that, I draw things that I probably wouldn’t have thought of before, in my personal work », he adds.

« I always practice in music. I choose the songs with my mood in the moment and according to the feeling that I want to express in my work. It allows me to free my thoughts. I also like to be inspired by all type of arts like photography or achitecture. Discovering new artists is almost a second passion in itself ! »

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @flonhauchard.