This photographer, native from Montpellier in South of France, started to take pictures in nightclubs. Step by step, Patrick Ortega is making his own original series like this one named COLORZ. « This project started in 2014 in a garden. I was looking at a multicolor garden chime, crossed by the sunlight. It was projecting different colors on the wall. I asked myself, how could i recreate this? », says the French artist. At first, he made a process with gelatin between two layers of cellophane. Then, the home-made artificial lighting became a huge structure exposed to the sun, in which he places his models.

« Creating my own tools allows me to transcribe my ideas from the moment of the shooting, thanks to the equipment I use. When I started in photography, I had to tinker because the equipment is pricy. With time, I continued this reflexion to try wacky things using recovery equipment. It’s a great thing to change the use of an object to make it a photographic tool, it’s a motivation on it’s way », he adds.

« I have always tried to find new things for my projects to break the routine of being a night event photographer. I love to be faithful to the colors in night pictures. For my personal projects like this one, I wanted to break the rules, to let go of the various changes that allows this series ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page :