Chama Chereau is a photographer and filmmaker from Nantes, France. She began amateur photography as a teenager, and decided to pursue her passion after studying art at university. Indeed, after her years of study, she develops an exacerbated taste for the visual arts. After having experimented several domains, it is thanks to the documentary that she understands how important photography is for her: she decides to make a photography school in Paris. Her photographic eye has also been developed through travel, finding inspiration in new places and cultures, and the artist specializes herself in storytelling and portraiture.
In January 2016, the photographer travels to Burkina Faso, to Ouagadougou, where she will remain three months. She decided to bring another vision of Burkina Faso, especially in the show and cultural field, a dimension that is hard to imagine in this country, in its MASA series. Her photographs shows us beautiful portraits of Burkinabe and Burkinabese, and allow us to discover their daily life and culture.