Since her childhood, the photographer Laura Moreil has an unconditional passion for photography. Having known all kinds of devices, her first goal is to keeping tracks of the moment. Ten years ago, feeling an “irresistible urge” to get into it, she chose the film photography and made it her favorite technique. His choice is not harmless: This is a way for her to detach from the perfect and clear image question.
Real experimental ground, the artist could, in fact, discover many modes and techniques associated with film photography : Multi-exposure, redscale film, lomography, Afghan box’s construction … She develops and realizes her prints, thus mastering the production from beginning to end. This technique allows her to broaden the scope of his photographic experiences.
Touching and very eloquent, her serie “Broken” was made for a collective exhibition with the Aléa Club association of which she is a member, all having decided to work on portrait. Not her favorite method of shooting, she decides to photograph her models looking at themselves in the mirror, then placed behind them, without facing them. This “indirect” photographic choice is also due to her desire not to follow the usual codes of portraiture, which brings to her shots a surreal dimension. The management of the focus in a broken mirror was really challenging, and the artist was not sure about the final result, that’s why chance is a big part of this serie.