Born in Nantes, the photographer Barbara Viollet now lives in Paris since six years. Ten years ago, she decided to start photography, a few months after the brutal death of her father, a passionate photographer too. “He was a generous and curious man. He is my inspiration. This is one of her sisters who gives her father’s camera, a digital Pentax. Very symbolic, this object was for her the solution to materialize her sensitivity and freeze chosen moments: “Since that, it’s imperative to always have a camera in my bag : Everything is subject”.
Passionate about history and very aware about the news, the photographer is interested about the Syrian conflict, an omnipresent subject which is very complex to understand. Nevertheless, the conflict comprehension is not her main motivation: « Walking on the Syrian land, tasting its culture, learning the language, discovering its roots was my goal. I wanted to « put a face » on Syria ». Then, she called a French association to bring help in the destroyed cities. She discovered an awful picture of cities battered by the fightings.
In Aleppo, the photographer chooses to put her bag. Everything has to be rebuilt: “Buildings, minds and hearts”. She discovers Aleppo, the martyred city of the Syrian war, a  white stones jewel, the city of soap, pistachios and vine leaves, shattered by bombs. The city, in ruins, is amputated of its walls, but also of its men and its soul. Despite of this real horror story picture,  smell of falafels leads her to Marco, reputed to be the best of the city, appearing in the middle of the rubble as the symbol of hope. “I came to meet Aleppo. I introduce you to men, women and children in their own streets : They are the breath of the future.”