Absolutely breathtaking, this installation by Quintessenz, a duo of German artists Tomislav Topic and Thomas Granseuer, is located on the island of Paxos in the Adriatic Sea. This work unfolds in a 400-year-old ruin in the village of Kagatika to offer an aesthetic and unique contrast between the old and the new, waiting for the public to contemplate.

«Our work finds its place in the ruin of Kagkatika because it is not disturbed by flickering lights or cities billboards. The wind and sunlight make the installation appear like a digital body in the real world, it forms the interface between analog and digital. We hope that the visitors leave their mobile phone cameras in their pockets for a moment and simply enjoy the light and the translation of the wind in the installation», they said to us.

The mesh material is colourized with spray paint in 120 different colour shades, and each layer is getting more prominent when you walk to the window from where you can see the wideness of the view. For the lucky ones who will go there, the installation is a part of the Paxos Contemporary Art Project and will run until September 9th. Check out Quintessenz’s other projects on Instagram, an art collective strongly inspired by street art and graphic design.