Fascinated by ancient history, the artist Jim Bachor one day volunteered to work on an archaeological dig in Pompeii. That makes him decides to mix his art and his taste for ancient world through an inalterable and durable material: Mosaic.
Now, the artist invests streets of the United States looking for potholes. His goal is to fill these horrible holes that deform the roadway by replacing them with his works, which “speak of modern things with an old voice”.

Picture credits : This is Colossal
Having just installed five new mosaics in New York as part of his “Vermin of New York” series, a few of them has been removed by the Transportation Department, the first time since the beginning of his investment. Indeed, the work of Jim Bachor being mostly optimistic, he wanted to “keep an unpredictable side, hence the vermin”. He reproduced the mosaics of a dead rat, a cockroach, a bouquet of flowers, a pigeon and … Donald Trump. His approach, in addition to being artistic, is a real “boost” to the public service: enough to make more than one happy!