Ethereal and dramatic, Italian photographer Alessio Albi’s works immerse us in different portraits imbued with strong aesthetics and palpable emotions. Most of the time following his instinct, the artist rarely prepares his shoots and let himself be carried by the environment and the present moment. He plays with the shapes, the colours, the model’s uniqueness and the lights for striking and cinematic results.

«This is such a paradox for me as I’m a pretty anxious person in other aspects of my life and prefer to plan everything to all little details! For this reason, photography to me has always been therapy and a way to detach from reality. I get inspired by any other form of arts: painting, drawing, cinema, music and literature. Nature has also always had a significant role in my production; having grown in the center of Italy has obviously helped me a lot in this regard, with its incredible natural surroundings», he says. Check out his many pictures on Instagram.