Fubiz invited photographer Ludwig Favre, who had the privilege of visiting the headquarter of the brand Bang & Olufsen in Denmark, where the products are developed. He came back with very beautiful shots that reveal behind the scenes of a brand that has adapted its technology over the years, while maintaining its expertise, with the aim of ensuring an incomparable sound experience.

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish company founded in 1925, producing high-end audio equipment with a sleek design and very geometric lines. The brand pushes the limits of innovation and places the human at the center of its creation.

Bang & Olufsen is defined by three essential values: acoustics, design and craftmanship. Each of their creation is designed based on these three major pillars.

The sound signature is the first component of Bang & Olufsen’s identity. The brand ensures a high quality of sound, while respecting the original work of the artist. Bang & Olufsen designs creations that allow the sound to occupy the entire space of the room it inhabits, and thus offers a unique and immersive experience. Each note is released in its purest dress to guarantee the most beautiful emotions.

To offer a sound experience close to perfection, Bang & Olufsen places great importance on the design of its products. The brand is careful to design its creations thinking of their future integration into the daily lives of everyone. Clean lines and graphic and geometric appearances sublimate the interior, dressing the walls and furniture and blending perfectly into the decor.

Bang & Olufsen’s craftmanship is revealed in every innovation of the brand. Every detail is reflected, each form is thought to offer the most delicate sound signature possible, inseparable from the identity of Bang & Olufsen. In its aluminum factory, the oldest in Europe, the brand has been working with this material since its beginnings, making it an expert and constituting its know-how.