Montreal-based visual artist Etienne Dufresne reveals it immediately: with his series «Blue Gals», he plays with our ambivalent feelings. His portraits featuring women with blue skin are both surreal and aesthetically captivating. «This project is actually an exploration of the ambiguity through digital photo editing, he says. A subtle intervention in the skins’ hue comes to makes the viewers feel discomfort.»

Within this series, two works [the last two images] entitled «Altérée» stand out from the rest through an even more extensive editing work, confronting, even more, the physical act and the modification process. «By choosing to line the rip up with the models’ eyes, it unveils the «true» nature of the topic and attributes to the «illusionary» blue skin, a true quality», he adds. Atypical yet captivating and poetic photographs to question us about digital alterations.

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