Rozenn Le Gall likes to deconstruct the 60s and 70s fashion magazines’ pictures to turn them into minimalist and suggestive collages on paper. This self-taught visual artist based in Lyon develops meticulous aesthetics works where the female subject is omnipresent.

«It’s not what I think that matters, but how people are going to own the collage and interpret it according to their prism, she says. When I stick a washing machine’s window on a woman’s body, some see a conservative attitude that brings women back to the status of housewives. However, others perceive the active woman, washed out by too many pressure in her life!»

Surprising the audience through the ambiguity engendered by her combinations, it is precisely the collagist wants. «Viewers know the image is truncated, they know it’s artificial, but by reading into it, they will give it a subjective reality. Their own reality», she adds. Ambivalent or not, her delicate and surreal creations make our imagination going far. Follow her work on Instagram.