Desperados works for almost 20 years with the 9ème Concept artist collective to create the design of the iconic Original bottle. For this 19th collaboration, the brand offered this creation to the French artist Théo Lopez, which the creations are made with superpositions of colors and materials.
He creates the label of the FUTUREDITION bottle, he also created an experience that enable to view his creation from the inside through the VR technology.

Through a dedicated app, Desperados FuturEdition, it’s possible the scan the bottle label to enter in the heart of the Théo Lopez creation.
A virtual reality experience that enable to discover the creation process with a look between all the layers in three dimensions. The app is available on iOS and Android. An experience that can also be lived with an Oculus or a Gear VR headsets. An exhibition in Bordeaux will enable very soon to test the VR experience on an Oculus Rift headset.

Théo Lopez is an artist who works and plays with colors and materials superpositions to imagine new patterns. To create this artwork, he integrates fragments of his previous artworks. We met him to know more on this beautiful collaboration and learn the secrets that are hidden behind creations where the geometry has a great place.

Fubiz : We can see there is a lot of geometry in your work. Could you tell us where do you find your daily inspirations?

Théo Lopez : My inspirations are more a contradiction feeling. What I like is the opposites. I rarely only work on geometry but I search to work on lines, shapes I broke with organic materials.

I’m interested in the concept of the full and the empty. The full is the tangible material and the empty animates the full. That’s life, breath, ideas or desires. In my work the full is the lines and the empty is the curves that animate it.

How did your collaboration with Desperados begin?

It began few years ago. I joined the 9ème Concept artist collective in 2008 which works with Desperados for almost 20 years from now and which offers artistic ad innovative projects. I was working as a graphic designer on other bottles. I created lays out for other artist, with a packaging in 2010, for example. Desperados contacted by in August to tell me they would like to work with me. We’ve come full circle.

Could you explain us your creative process in more details?

That is not the same process for each work but mostly I staples a canvas on the wall. That reminds me the street art process. I work with acrylic, a roll, I made a background, I mix different colors. It’s a spontaneous work. I never know the final result.

I make this first stage, I wait until it is dried, I put some scotch tape strips on the canvas to give a movement and a structure. Then I go on a new stage with different colors and I remove the scotch tape strips. There are two layers that are superposed. All that was under the tape strips is protected of the paint and I reproduce this technique as most as I want. I have the impression to be a sculptor of a hybrid material.


How long did you take to make this artwork?

Sometimes it takes a lot of time. To paint the three canvas for Desperados, It took me almost two months but it can be longer or shorter following the projects.

There is a VR experience linked to your creation. Did you get a role to play for the conception?

I worked with the studio to translate my work in a VR universe : in 3D, in volume and in scenario. I send them a timelapse of our creative process and we worked together to got this beautiful result.

Do you have some future projets?

I will work on a project with Urban Art Paris for a student building where I will make an anamorphic artwork. That is something that I didn’t experiment yet.

How could you summerize your work in one sentence?

I can say it in one work : the research.