Montreal-based Photographer Sarah Seené, who expresses her art through silver films and Polaroid, has recently released a new series entirely developed by hand and full of subtle delicateness named «Le bruit des sabots». [«The sound of hooves»]

It was during a stay at a donkey farm in Ste-Anne de La Rochelle in Quebec, Canada, that the visual artist let herself be carried away by the peace and the sensitive atmosphere of the place. «In the sweetness of the end of summer days and the silence of the village, I sat in the middle of the meadow to hear the sound of hooves. For many long hours, I watched the donkeys evolve in their environment, within the farm. The grain of the film developed and its charming defects, reveal the beauty of these animals subjects to different myths, yet with an extraordinary sensitivity», she recalls.

This series is a poetic invitation to embrace nature. Finally, her creations still make us feel melancholic and resolutely introspective. Follow her work on her Instagram account.