For the delight of our eyes, Toronto-based photographer Tom Ryaboi is fearless! He brings his camera on the highest peaks of his hometown’s buildings, offering us unparalleled views of the magnificent Canadian metropolis, both day and night in this series. The artist has been capturing urban landscapes from the rooftops of North American skyscrapers for several years now.

He explains that he has the passion for climbing everywhere from a young age, sharing with us an anecdote that perfectly illustrates his love for heights: «My father often likes to tell a story about me when I was two years old, although I was too young to remember the incident I believe it to be true. He says he returned home from work one day, but I was nowhere to be found. His worries were silenced when finally I called out to him from the top of the fridge. He says he is still trying to figure out how I got there.»

We wish him many other climbs as impressive and sublime as his work testifies. Follow his photos on his Instagram account.