Montreal-based photographer François Ollivier returns with a series taken during his recent trip to Florida entitled «The Sunshine State». In the manner of a travel diary, and far from the perfect aesthetics of postcards, once again his work tends to magnify landscapes and the simplest moments to inspire us contemplating with poetry everything that surrounds us. He has managed to capture the exceptional light of winter Florida, giving us a constant impression of being at dusk.

This series also comes to testify to the traces that left the storm Irma on nature. «We go from a landscape of peaceful beauty to a scene of desolation in a few seconds: fallen and dislocated trees, piles of debris, closed shops …», He says. Also, François Ollivier had fun during his trip to photograph the Christmas decorations in a setting where winter does not mean the same thing at all compared to his home in Canada. His work is still subtle in detail, at the same time raw and delicate. Follow his work on his Instagram account.