National Geographic pays a tribute to the best nature photographer in an annual photo competition, and this year’s winning entries for the four categories (Wildlife, Landscapes, Aerials and Underwater) are simply amazing. Jayaprakash Joghee Bohan’s images of an orangutan in Borneo won the Grand Prize, and deservingly so. See all the category winners below.
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Grand Prize. © Jayaprakash Joghee Bohan

2nd Place, Wildlife. © Alejandro Prieto

3rd Place, Wildlife. © Bence Mate

People’s Choice, Wildlife. © Harry Collins

1st Place, Landscapes. © Karim Iliya

2nd Place, Landscapes. © Yuhan Liao

3rd Place, Landscapes. © Mike Olbinski

People’s Choice, Landscapes. © Wojciech Kruczynski

1st Place, Aerials. © Todd Kennedy

2nd Place, Aerials. © Takahiro Bessho

3rd Place, Aerials. © Greg C.

People’s Choice, Aerials. © David Swindler

1st Place, Underwater. © Jim Obester

2nd Place, Underwater. © Shane Gross

3rd Place, Underwater. © Michael O’Neill

People’s Choice Awards, Underwater. © Matthew Smith