Fubiz Studio collaborated with the digital studio creation ELMØ, and with the brand Timberland to produce a creative campaign dedicated to the latest Radford model.

The creative universe of the ELMØ studio is made of machines assembled together to produce playful visual effects. By animating his machines, ELMØ causes strong staging changes, able to capturing the viewer’s attention to the central element of the scene.

It is understandably that the ELMØ team chose to put the Radford advertising in a striking industrial environment. It corresponds to the creative imagination of the studio and the very urban Timberland brand.

The creation shows a Radford shoe evolving through the 10 steps of a production line. Each stage activates a cog and reveals a flexible and slight shoe, responding to the various tests that it goes through. To achieve this, the studio carefully studied the Radford flexibility, in order to better transcribe its movement.

Realized with the motion design technique, the creation plays with perspectives, shadows and lights to give a 3D impression to the whole. Exposed on 100 meters billboard in Gare de Lyon, the result is spectacular: the shoe seems to detach from its environment to reveal its flexibility. The texture and material of the shoe also seem palpable.

From these strong and unique visuals, the brand and the studio decided to put the Radford in a modern and innovative dynamic, a campaign promoted under the « Let’s Flex » slogan.