Naskademini is a photographer from Montreal who collaborates with world’s leading brands in fashion, lifestyle, and luxury, including Cadillac, Nike, Timberland, and JBL.

This personal series is a bit different though. It was shot during his trip to Haiti 3 years ago where he had the opportunity to discover many cities: Cap-Haitien, Port au Prince,  La Cote-des-Arcadins… The artist wanted to capture the country, the people and everyday life in a different light than what is usually shown in the media. This work is more akin to photojournalism as the artist has relied on authenticity and spontaneity to tell a story.

«To me, Haiti was very welcoming, resilient, and charming. The people were hospitable once you engaged in proper conversation. I am certain they were initially nervous about having cameras in the their faces, but once you broke the ice, it became very easy to approach them and a lot less invasive for them», he says.

This series is particularly dear to him since he lost almost all his photos when the hard disk that contained his work broke. He now likes to regard these pictures as the photographs that Haiti saved. Follow his work on his website.