Dan Bannino is a prolific Italian artist. Indeed, after paying tribute to the black films of the 1940s through his photo series “Noir stills” and unveiling the obsessions of famous musicians, the photographer decided to once again put food (a subject he particularly likes) in the spotlight with the “Power and Food” project. Through this series, which reveals the dietary habits of world political leaders, spiritual chiefs or mythical folkloric characters, the photographer intends to demonstrate that behind respected or feared power figures hide ordinary human beings who love pizza and cheese as much as most of us do. You can follow him on Instagram.

Queen Elizabeth II – Tea and chocolate cake

Vladimir Putin – Pistachio ice-cream

Marie-Antoinette – Croissant and sweets

Angela Merkel – Green cabbage and sausage

Hillary Clinton – Hot peppers and Tabasco sauce

Kim Jong-Un – Emmental and french cheeses

Donald Trump – Fast-food

Pope Francis – Pizza

Santa Claus – Cookies and milk