French Touch keystone artist Lifelike is about to release his first album “Electronic Dreams” including featuring with A-trak, WeareOliver, Chromeo among others. His universe is vintage and futurist in the same time, a perfect balance between modernity and eighties atmospheres. This mixtape composed for Fubiz is ensorcelling and dynamic like a promenade in the city under the neons lights. 

To support this unique project and protect his creativity freedom, check his upcoming album teaser/project on Kickstarter :

Visual Credits : Yoshito Hasaka

Lifelike – Sexodrome 

Lifelike – Non-Stop Music 

Boris Dlugosh & Cassara – Traveller

Robo & Snob – Let You Know

Discotron – Disco Ballin’ 

Crazy P – One True Light