adidas questionned the future of running throughout the world by designing a production line of extremely innovative and unique sneakers: the SPEEDFACTORY.

At first sight, the AM4 series produced by the SPEEDFACTORY offers a responsive and light running shoe with clean lines and a sleek design. But the beauty of it lies within. adidas has devised a unique athlete-data driven model that is conceived from physiological and geographical data from local athletes.

After a quick scan that analyzes the athlete’s personal data, the SPEEDFACTORY, a futuristic factory with an ultra fast production line, will adapt and design the product in record time.

The AM4LDN model (adidas Made For London) is the first to be released from the SPEEDFACTORY based in Germany. London being the first of six key cities to experience an individualized sport shoes, soon to be joined by Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris.

On October 26th, the adidas SPEEDFACTORY will be in Paris to design the AM4PAR model, with data collected from Parisians runners. From October 27th to 30th, running, innovation and cutting-edge technology addicts will be able to experience the SPEEDFACTORY, and live a unique moment between the future of design and the future of production.

Visitors will be able to test the body analysis program and define their sporting profile, and they will also be able to discover the very first models released from the SPEEDFACTORY.