Photographer Roman Jehanno reveals us his new series entitled Le Cœur de l’Homme à l’ouvrage – Far West. He traveled in the US to capture portrait of men and women who create everyday creations with their hands like songs, illustrations, paintings, hats or jewelry. Artist pays tribute to these craftsmen in their workshop where ideas come alive. An inspiring series that plunges in the eyes of these artists, who open the doors of their universe.

David Hermann Dune aka Black Yaya – Singer, Musician.

Michael Toweyn – Designer.

Jeff Vincent Parise – Painter.

Jeff Vincent Parise – Painter.

Mayon Crayon – Illustrator, Painter.

George Esquivel – Designer, Shoes.

Marjorie Gray – Jewelry Maker.

J.W. Hats – Hats Maker.

Lee Griffiths – Painter, Engraver,

Michael Trujillo – Winegrower.

Evan Kolker – Glass Blower.

Dean Draw – Illustrator.

Melissa Garden – Illustrator.

Drew Hash – Blacksmith.