Photojournalist based in Singapore, Shawn Danker created the project “Shall We Dance” for which he photographs dancers outside of their usual stages. From Singapore to Melbourne by way of Tokyo, he travels the world to capture the beauty of these dancers in unusual urban spaces. Indeed, for Shawn Danker, the project is as much about the artists that it is about the places their dancing in. “They’re there to interact with the background so when the viewers look at the photograph, they will understand that the dancers are at the locations for a reason”, the photograph explains. “Shall We Dance” is an ongoing project and the artist will continue to share his poetic vision of urban architecture and dance.

Red, avec Maria Adachi

Balloon, featuring Catherine Donato

Crayon, featuring Stacie Leong et Tammy Ho

Fake Pole Dancing, featuring Taylor Hunt

Higher Education, featuring Catherine Donato

Let it go, featuring Sophie Merrison

Magic, featuring Sarah Noel Hargis

Needle Pointe, featuring Taylor Hunt

Nioh, featuring Philip

Platform, featuring Haruna Shimonishi

Rain, featuring Natasha Neo

Spider,featuring Maria Adachi

Spiral, featuring Adelene Stanley

Triforce, featuring Claire Leske, Francesca Alice et Louella Hogan

Wings, featuring Jessica Gabrielli