Specialized in scenography and visual creation, the collective Scale brings together a team of artists and technicians from various fields backgrounds. Scale is a mix of experimentation, innovation and confrontation in the field of digital art. Scale grows through its musical collaborations with music talents such as Christine and The Queens, Beat Assaillant, Agoria, Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Moritz Von Oswald and Bachar Mar Khalifé. Founded since 2011, it’s with the “Paris Musique Club” exhibition in 2015 at the Gaité Lyrique, the Parisian place dedicated to the digital arts, that the collective made talk about its work.

With this new challenge launched by The Absolut Company Creation, Scale created, Rift, its competition machine.
when Scale imagines its creation few weeks ago, they want it interactive. They would like that their machine to be different of other live experiences.

The collective describe his creation as “a polymorph scenic installation which the design is augmented by an interactive visual system”.
Pictures let discovering the projections, with colors, that we imagine, could sparkle the audience.

This machine is inspired by the traditional technics of opera decors 400 years ago. ” Cette machine est inspirée des techniques de réalisation des décors traditionnels d’opéra il y a 400 ans. “By the way, until the last moment the name of the work (befor Rift) was Orféo, a tribute to the first opera of Monteverdi. » said Scale.

If Scale accepted the challenge, the installation has to win this 2017 edition to be shown to the public. If the collective win, the installation will make a tour of France in January.