National Geographic unveils the incredible list of new Unesco heritage sites in the world. These beautiful photographs remind us the role of UNESCO which is to protect nature and cultures.

Taputapuatea / Photograph By Chad Ehlers, GETTY IMAGES

Caves and ice age art in Swabian Jura / Photograph : C.J. Kind, UNESCO

W-Arly-Pendjari-Complex / Photograph by Raquel Maria Carbonell Pagola, GETTY IMAGES

Bauhaus / Photograph by DPA, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Sacred Island of Okinoshima / Photograph : Imaki Hidekazu, UNESCO

Landscapes of Dauria / Photograph : Evgeniy Kokukhin, UNESCO

Asmara / Photograph : HEMIS/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Hebron / Al-Khalil old town / Photograph : Asia File, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Qinghai Hoh Xil / Photograph : Xinhua, GETTY IMAGES

Mbanza Kongo / Photograph : Joost de Raeymaeker, UNESCO

Venetian Works of Defense / Photograph by Courtesy Municipality of Palmanova, UNESCO

Historic City of Yazd / Photograph by Richard L’Ansons, GETTY IMAGES

Aphrodisias / Photograph by Aphrodisias Museum, UNESCO

Gelati Monastery / Photograph by Jeremy Woodhouse, GETTY IMAGES

Kulangsu / Photograph Qian Yi, UNESCO

The English lake district / Photograph by Nick Bodle, UNESCO

Sambor Prei Kuk / Photograph by Sigurd Doeppel, GETTY IMAGES

Kujataa Greenland / Photograph by Mads Pihl, UNESCO

ǂkhomani Cultural Landscape / Photograph : François Odendaal, UNESCO

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians / Photograph by Nevio Agostini, UNESCO

Strasbourg : Grande-Île to Neustadt / Photograph : HEMIS, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver-Zinc / Photograph : Mikolaj Gospodarek, UNESCO

Assumption Cathdral and Monastery of Sviyazhsk / Photograph by Dmitrii Karpov, UNESCO

LOS ALERCES NATIONAL PARK Los Alerces National Park / Photograph : Ricardo Villalba, UNESCO

Valongo Wharf / Photograph : Mauro Pimentel, GETTY IMAGES