Volvo, car manufacturer since 1929, have always put safety at the center of the designing process. This statement becomes today a strong aim: to avoid all deathly accident or casualty on board of a Volvo vehicle for 2020.

The #adopteunmannequin project is a funny and forward thinking operation especially conceived for young people, completely at ease with web technologies. For almost a week, pictures of crash-test mannequins enjoying a commun daily life are arousing the interest of internet users.

Thanks to a video (here below), Volvo Car France and the Auditoire agency unveiled the origin of the project, featuring aimless unemployed crash-test mannequins. To make them smile, Volvo, with the help of some influent social network personalities, organises pleasant activities to give a new sense to their mannequins life.

To adopt a former mannequin is now a feasible dream. On the plateforme visitors can participate to the contest by choosing one of the ten profiles and try to win an unforgettable day with them.

#adopteunmannequin is a humorous initiative promoting an ambitious goal to bring new inspirations to approach a major social issue.