On the occasion of the European Days of Crafts, Société Générale is organizing a brand new exhibition # LaMêmePassion. For the first time, a 2.0 exhibition materializes digital messages. A unique operation during which 7 craft enthusiasts were selected to make their own tweet with a Best Worker of France of their specialty.

The meeting between a Best Worker of France and an apprentice

This is how Anaëlle Pann, Best Artisan of France 2015 in painting on glass met Thérèse Fleury. Former jurist in Nantes, Thérèse then reconverted in glass work and now practices this new job in her studio in Ille-Et-Vilaine.

 Passionate about the universe of Jules Vernes, Tim Burton and Art Nouveau, Anaëlle Pann excels in the art of glass painting and passed her time to Therese. “The stained glass is a raw material, it has character and I find that it resembles me” confirms Thérèse during this collaboration.

Together, they produced a stained glass of 2,80 meters by 1,20 meters from the tweet that allowed Thérèse to be selected for this exhibition. A work called “La Couleur Verre” and created from glasses tinted in the mass of glass veneer. The letters of the stained glass are painted with grisaille and enamel.

Some parts of the work have also been sandblasted for a singular effect and then mounted with lead and Tiffany (copper and tin mixture). The work required three weeks of work.

“One feels the tenderness of the glass when it is detached, it is almost hypnotic” explains Anaëlle

In addition to being presented during the exhibition at the heart of the emblematic Bastille Design Center, the work will be animated according to the movements of the spectators who will thus make appear different parts of the stained glass.

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 Free Exhibition #LaMêmePassion – to participate, click below.

Opening hours: Friday 31 March from 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday 1 April from 10 am to 7 pm, Sunday 2 April from 11 am to 6 pm

Bastille Design Center, 74 boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris