vente-privee is behind the organization of anew exhibition highlighting art, creation, video and digital : “The Open Window”This exhibition will be broadcasted on the Vérone façade, the new vente-privee’s building, located in the north suburb of Paris. For this first edition, young video artists are invited to propose a video project on the “Origins” subject. A subject that can have a large and interesting interpretation : from the filiation to the descendants including the creation and memory.

You have to go on the dedicated website from January 9th to March 12th. The exhibition curator Renaud Bergonzo will select the nine best projects, the public will select the 10th. These ten artists will see their creations exhibited in an innovative way on the huge digital façade of the vente-privee building, the Vérone, located in Saint-Denis, seen by more than 7 millions of people in a month. To know more.