In 2005, the probe Huygens, from the European Space Agency, landed on Saturn‘s biggest moon, Titan. It discovered here a surprising environment composed of lakes, rain, winds, highlands and wonder. Titan’s feature was formerly invisible because of a dense orange toxic haze. The probe took some very interesting pictures, showing an extraterrestrial world looking almost like Earth. It found that temperatures on Titan are so low that they can go until nearly 300 degrees below zero and that consequently ice is hard as rock.

Also, ethane and methane, which are normally gases on Earth, are under a liquid form on Titan and constitutes enormous lakes and seas. For scientists, Titan could be a sort of primordial exemple of what Earth looked like billions years ago.

This mission was the first one on another moon. This year, the last NASA ambassador on Saturn, Cassini, will also end his trip with an exploration of the planet itself.
Here, some pictures from the Cassini spacecraft to show Titan trough its impenetrable atmosphere. Some stunning pictures of the far side of the Moon here.