A selection of pictures that will maybe become historical 2016 photographies. This series, presented by Getty, is a sum up of this year news, and it is a mix of optimistic and realistic statements, political and entertainment moments, sport and travel, in order to highlight all the possible shades of contemporary world situation. The all, trough the eye of simple citizens, discreet but not neutral.

Photographer : Joe Raedle / Location : Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia / July. Hillary Clinton obtains necessary votes to get the support of her party.

Photographer : Chip Somodevilla / Location : La Havana, Cuba / November. Thousands of people pay a last hommage to Fidel Castro.

Photographer : John Moore / Location : USA-Mexico border, Friendship Park / September. A man watching behind barriers that separate the two countries.

Photographer : Cameron Spencer / Location : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil / August. Usain Bolt winning again at the Olympic Games.

Photographer : Thierry Orban / Location : Paris, France / June. European Championship final match between France and Portugal.

Photographe : Jeff J Mitchell / Location : London, England / June. A crowd of people in front of Westminster to claim against Brexit.

Photographer :  Mario Tama / Location : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / April. Dancers going to a meeting in favor of former president Dilma Roussef.

Photographer : Justin Sullivan / Location : Fairgrounds Junior High School de Nashua, New Hampshire / February. Hillary Clinton at the electoral office.

Photographer : Kevin Frayer  / Yonghegong Lama, China / February. People prying at the temple for Chinese new year.

Photographer : Mario Tama / Location : Recife, Brazil / January. A mother hugging her child, affected by zika virus. The infection is now apparently invading all the Latino America.