French artist Xavier Casalta imagines stunning and fine artworks with thousands dots. He manages, with this technique, to create very graphic and imaginative typography works.
In partnership with Fubiz, he made, with his all talent, a typographical illustration in order to promote the pur sound that could be played in the new Nissan Micra, thanks to Bose speakers. His work is composed with the headline of the launch : “Play it your way”. Around gravitate the “Play”, “Pause” and “Stop” symbols related to the action of listening to music.
Spheres with metallic aspect symbolized the sound. The biggest is located behind the “it” of the headline. The typographer took the orang color, that constitues the colors of the car launch.
The final work is to discover below, with pictures showing the creative processus of the artist. A joyful and clever result that corresponds to the fun and clever personality of the new Micra.