This year a lot of amazing video creations, showing a quite good performance for clips industry. Between new technologies and artistic audacious choices. This selection highlights some of the most denouncing, forceful or simply technically remarkable artworks, their visual power and their ability to make it meaningful.

While Beyoncé and Solange are more and more implicated in black American pride revendications, Radiohead and Moby present absolutely staggering cartoons, far from innocence, showing a complicated and sometimes scaring world.

Coldplay, Kaytranada and Jain look toward the future, with optimisme and joy, with their fresh and stimulating videos, transporting us in a warm and cosy universe. Peace and solidarity in the world are a great topic this year, as a reaction to the complexe geopolitical situation. You will therefore enjoy in this selection, the ensorcelling Sia “The Greatest” and the incredibly touching M.I.A “Borders”, mixing with virtuosity photojournalism and pop music.

Very bold creations also from rappers Franck Ocean and Kanye West, who overpasses the edge of politically correct to propose a completely crazy video for his song “Fade”, flirting with scandal but also bringing sensuality and energy in the global scenario. Among them all, the artistically perfect “Gosh” by Jamie XX, directed by the controversial Romain Gavras, has been as an earthquake in music world, a metaphorical story suspended between fear and lightness.

Frank Ocean – Nikes

Frank Ocean makes his fans happy with this video clip following the release of his last album. Directed by Tyrone Lebon, this video is like a very eclectic mood board of the artist’s inspirations and also a dramatization of himself, wearing a sparkling Balmain suit. You can even spot the rapper A$AP Rocky appearing in this visual patchwork.

Beyoncé – Sorry

Official music video for Beyoncé track “Sorry” from the album “Lemonade”. A very captivating black and white video, starring the great tennis player Serena Williams dancing next to her.

Jamie XX – Gosh

Directed by Romain Gavras, the video clip of the song Gosh takes place in what looks like a futuristic post-apocalyptic Paris. Only the Eiffel Tower rusted, abandoned in the middle of buildings let us guess where we are. The sound of Jamie XX has found its visual translation in these images, captivating and frightening at the same time.

Solange – Cranes in the sky

13 years after her first studio album Solo Star, Solange Knowles is back this year with the beautiful video clip of her song Cranes in the Sky. Taken from the album A Seat at the Table,  it deals with topics such as black American pride and the social movement Black Lives Matter. This video was directed by her husband Alan Ferguson and herself in a very soothing and aerial atmosphere.

Kanye West – Fade

Unveiled for the first time during the night of the MTV Video Music Awards 2016, here is the new video clip of Kanye West who made a strong speech which will be remembered… As this stunning performance of the actress Teyana Taylor, dancing in a very wet and sexy atmosphere like in the iconic movie Flashdance. Temperature gets even higher with the feature of Iman Shumpert, NBA star and rapper.

Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Kaytranada has revealed his new clip for the single “Lite Spots”, from the album 99.9 %, brought out on May 6th. In this clip, the canado-Haitian musician, super producer and DJ make dance his robot humanoid on a sound which has been an incredible hit.

Radiohead – Burn the witch

Five years after album The King of Limbs, Radiohead seems to sign is return, with the release of a new music video untitled “Burn the Witch”, a stop motion, strong and intense animation directed by Chris Hopewell and produced by Jacknife.

Coldplay – Up&Up

A Head Full of Dreams, the seventh studio album by Coldplay was released in December 2015. For the video clip of the song Up&Up, the band lead by Chris Martin decided to change its visual universe and to go oneiric and surrealist. Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia is about to go round the world.

Sia – The Greatest

The mysterious Sia unveiled a video clip for the unreleased song The Greatest, after the publication of her latest album This Is Acting in January. This video choreographed by Ryan Heffington highlights the young dancer Maddie Ziegler, in a dark and crazy atmosphere that pays tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Note that Kendrick Lamar, who collaborated to the track, doesn’t appear here.

Jain – Makeba

Jain is definitely the upcoming singer of the French stage. She was revealed with this title Makeba in summer 2015. Almost one year after, she revealed the colorful and dynamic music video, directed by Greg et Lio.

Moby – Are you lost in the world like me

Moby comes back with the animated clip of the song Are You Lost In The World Like Me, taken from his latest album in collaboration with The Voice Pacific Choir: These Systems Are Failing. A video by Steve Cutts, mainly created in black and white that denounces our use of social media and the current state of our society.

M.I.A. – Borders

M.I.A. video “Borders” is a beautiful realization about the hellish life lived by many migrants and refugees : climbing barbed wire walls, crossing the sea on full boats and live everything behind to survive. The video echoes with the news and we can notice a lot of references to some well-known and heartbreaking pictures captured by photo-journalists on the field. Undeniably one of the most audacious clips of the year.