Some photographs reveal a lot about a specific lifestyle or about the personality of people. The photographer John Thackwray, who was born in South Africa and who loves travelling, wandered the planet during months and met local populations focusing on these aspects.

As part of his project titled My Room, which will be published as a book around Christmas and will narrate the story of every person photographed, he traveled from France to Japan, passing by Romania, China, Brazil, Rwanda or Egypt. The result is a great invitation in the intimacy of the inhabitants of all these countries, that makes us want to travel and to discover new experiences. A selection of the pictures that will be published in the book is available in the rest of the article.

If you wish to pre-order the book My Room by John Thackwray, visit this page.

Room 24 – Joseph – Paris, France

Room 192 – Andrea – Bucharest, Romania

Room 219 – Maleeq – New York, USA

Room 256 – Ryoko – Tokyo, Japan

Room 290 – Yuan – China

Room 348 – Asha – Bamansemilya, India

Room 665 – Marcello – La Paz, Bolivia

Room 711 – Claudio – Rio, Brazil

Room 807 – Mohamed – Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Egypt

Room 867 – Ezekiel – Manyata, Kenya

Room 915 – Josée – Kigali, Rwanda

Room 1049 – Osia – Selomo, Lesotho