A’ design award and competition is a yearly award for best interior design creations, best designers and best design studios. The winners are selected for their international vision and their innovative ideas. More informations to participate here.

A design award2

Artist : Joy Chou / Location : Zhihai, China

A design award3

Artist : Honglei Liu and Yuxin Yang / Location : ‘Airland’ Hotel Shenzhen

A design award4

Artist : Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados / Location : London

A design award5

Artist : Ajax Law Ling Kit and Virginia Lung / Location : Wuxi, China

A design award6

Artist : Yi Chen and Muchen zhang / Location : Shen Yang, China

A design award7

Artist : Delution Architect / Location : Indonesia, Jakarta

A design award8

Artist : Honglei Lui / Location : Haikou, China

A design award9

Artist : Ahead Concept Design / Location : Taipei