Following step of the presentation of the artists that will appear on stage during the Fubiz Talks, which will take place on September, 22, at the Opéra Bastille, in Paris. After We Are From L.A., discover today the ninth guest: the French photographer Mathieu César. This exceptionally gifted artist will share with the Parisian audience the creative process and the backstage of his work.

In a few years only, Mathieu César didn’t stop appearing in the highlights thanks to his astonishing mastery of black and white and to his vision of the discipline that is both modern and timeless. This autodidact then had the opportunity to take pictures of icons from many different horizons such as Daft Punk, Natalie Portman, Iggy Pop or Lana Del Rey. He also convinced the most prestigious brands and magazines like Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Nike, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Halfway between the world of arts and fashion, his work is made of shades, blurs and gradations that draw mythical universes with the lights.

In his book titled Vers l’infini et au-delà, the French artist invites us to follow him in this both glamour and authentic world that is typical of his works and which slowly builds in front of our eyes while marked by childhood and the dreams that belong to this period of life. Deeply inspired by Irving Penn’s and August Sanders’ photographs, Mathieu César managed to find and assert his style very early. He even began to direct short movies for Nike and the football club of the Paris Saint-Germain, Thierry Mugler or collaborating with Woodkid.

You can already discover a selection of his work below and obtain tickets for the Fubiz Talks on Digitick.

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