A few days before the release of their forthcoming new album A LA FOLIE, French-Californian band Naive New Beaters just made a great and surprising mixtape especially for Fubiz Music. During these thirty minutes of inspiring and uninhibited music, the group has varied the pleasures, from La Femme to Booba and the promising extracts from their album, to release on July 22nd.

Tracklist :

1. George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
2. Naive New Beaters – Heal Tomorrow
3. 2 Live Crew – Me So Horny
4. AC/DC – Touch Too Much
5. Booba – Validée
6. Ratatat – Abrasive
7. Flash And The Pan – Walking In The Rain
8. Naive New Beaters – Run Away
9. La Femme – Où Va Le Monde ?
10. Amadou et Mariam – Sabali
11. Naive New Beaters – Get Love (TEPR remix)
12. Naive New Beaters – Words Hurt
13. Link Wray – Rumble

Image credit : kostennn.

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